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    Null & Alternative Hypotheses : T-Tests

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    Ten people agree to take part in an experiment designed to determine whether a persons weight differs between morning & evening. Each person is weighed last thing at night & first thing in the morning, wearing the same clothes.
    The results, giving weights in kilogrammes are below.

    weight 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
    night 70.5 61.0 27.5 55.0 65.0 64.0 50.0 31.0 45.5 41.0
    morn 70.0 60.5 27.0 55.0 65.0 62.5 49.0 30.0 44.5 40.5

    Is there any evidence of a difference in a persons weight between night & morning? State clearly the null & alternative hypotheses you are testing & any assumptions you have to make. Use a 1% level of significance.

    Use minitab to do a 2-sample t-test & a paired t-test at the 1% level of significance to test the hypothesis that a persons weight in the morning is less than their weight at night. (Interpret the output)

    Discuss the difference between the two tests.

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