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    Test for Proportions

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    Conduct a test of hypothesis for the claim that a greater proportion of women agree wth this statement than men. Use a 0.05 level of significance.
    a) Correctly state the hypotheses and label the claim
    b) Draw a diagram correctly showing the sampling distribution
    c) Calculate the test statistic
    d) Give the p value
    e) Tell if you reject/fail to reject the null hypothesis
    f) In plain English what can be said of the claim?

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    Let π1 and π2 denote the proportion of women and men agree with the statement respectively.
    a) The null and alternate hypotheses are
    Ho: π1 ≤ π2
    Ha: π1 > π2 (Claim)
    b) The sampling distribution is normally distributed as shown ...

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    The solution illustrates the testing of hypothesis procedure to make a decision about equality of two proportions.