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    Sampling Distribution and Population Distribution

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    I assume my scenario will have to include enough information to answer the questions below so I will need help with this one as well

    Create and write your own scenario about a specific population. Then, answer the following questions about your scenario:

    What are the mean, standard deviation, and shape of the population distribution?

    What are the mean, standard deviation and shape of the sample?

    What are the mean, standard error and shape of the sampling distribution of the sample mean?

    Is it possible for the shapes of these three distributions to be different? Describe a brief scenario where this may happen.

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    Note: this is a descrption of scenario only. You need to use the software to get excel values of mean and standard deviaiton. I do not have any software now.

    Scebario: step 1: suppose we flip a coin 1000 times. Let head=1 and tail=0. So now we record the number of heads and tails. The population includes 1000 values with either 0 or 1. Then we calculate the mean, standard deviation of the population with 1000 data using software. The shape of the population ...

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    The solution gives deep discussion on population distribution, sample distribution and sampling distribution of the sample mean. Central limit theorem plays an important role in our analysis.