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    Power of T-Tests

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    What is the power of each of the following studies, using a t test for dependent means (based on the .05 significance level)?

    Answer by using the examples below:

    Study Effect Size N Tails
    (a) Small 20 One
    (b) Medium 20 One
    (c) Medium 30 One
    (d) Medium 30 Two
    (e) Large 30 Two

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    FYI: A t-test for dependent means is also called a paired t-test.

    For a formula to calculate the power of a t-test, see the following:
    http://www.sjsu.edu/faculty/gerstman/StatPrimer/sampsize.PDF (3rd page)

    For a discussion of the things that affect power, see:
    http://www.power-analysis.com/power_analysis.htm (keep clicking next for more topics)

    Here are ...