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Estimation of Sample Sizes

Provide an overview of the contents of the attached article and apply the concepts to a Job Satisfaction survey. It is important to cover the concept of the techniques used to estimate sample size.

The article is "Simple rules shape proper sample size." Found in Marketing News, page 38 on February 1, 2004, copyright by the American Marketing Association.

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When dealing with sample sizes, numbers are key. I am a market researcher by profession, so I deal with this type of issue every day. When clients ask for proposals, I sometimes send them costs associated with different sample sizes - i.e if they want a sample of 200, I will send them costs for 150, 200, 250 and 300. If the target sample is hard to reach then upping the sample size could be quite costly, however, if they just want to target the general public, then it would not be too bad.

The sample size also depends on the level of accuracy you need in your results. The more need for accuracy, the higher the sample size will need to be.

However, sample size really depends on the type of methodology and analysis you want to conduct. As the article explains, if you want to breakdown you sample into ...

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Examining at existing document, this posting provides and understanding of a job satisfaction survey. As well, it discusses sample size estimation. This solution is 580 words.