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Role of Statistics

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A. Define research and the scientific method

B. Compare and contrast the characteristics of primary and secondary data

C. Explain the role of statistics in research

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This solution provides the definition of research and the scientific method, and the role of statistics.

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Define research and the scientific method

- Research is basically collecting and analyzing information/evidence to assist the researcher in answering whatever questions he or she wants answered. Anytime you go online to find something, you are actually doing research! Anytime you ask someone a question, you are actually doing research! You are trying to find the answer to your question. You are taking the means necessary to satisfy your curiosity and prove or disprove something.
- The scientific method of research is used to describe research designs that are planned/organized around the testing of a particular hypotheses. The researcher will
develop a theory using their general knowledge and will formulate a hypothesis that
their research project will be aimed at testing.
- The researcher will then conduct a research project (experiment, surveys, etc.) in order
to test this hypothesis.
- The scientific method is usually much more complicated than the research examples I
gave above. It is also something likely to be scrutinized and analyzed by other
scientists, so it's ...

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