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Research and Statistics in Organizational Psychology

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Define organizational psychology. Explain the evolution of the field of organizational psychology. In compareing and contrasting organizational psychology, what are two related disciplines? What role do these disciplines play when it comes to research and statistics as they relate to organizational psychology?

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The expert examines research and statistics in organizational psychology.

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Scientist who study the cognitions and behaviors of animals, for example zoologist, are often left to ponder the differences between the organizational strategies, reasoning and behaviors of animals and those of humans. Most of them would attest to the fact that the way animal behave both as individuals and in social groups are dependable. In other words animal behavior, social organization and division of labor is a function of biology and for the most part are not dependent on or influenced by individual differences or cognitive nuances in structure. For example how insects like bees and ants organize themselves as a result of the evolutionary factors present in their biology. Because of this, we can expect the same type of organization and division of labor within the same species. Human attitudes, behavior, cognition and beliefs are marvelously more complex. There are a variety and a multitude of variables that effect how we organize ourselves in various groups and our interpersonal and intrapersonal behaviors that go far beyond our evolutionary tract and our biology. Those variables that affect our lives in the workplace are the areas of concentration for the applied science of industrial and organizational psychology (Zickar, 2012).

In broad terms, organizational psychology is the study of the various structures of human organization and of the ways in which the people in it interact in an effort to improve productivity and overall wellbeing. It is the study of human behavior in the workplace. In particular Industrial/Organizational (I/O) psychology is concerned primarily in the study and research of workplace behavior and the effects of various organizational strategies and methods on both productivity and worker wellbeing. It is also the field of applied psychology that applies the principles of psychology to the workplace. The goal is to improve outcomes for both individuals and the organization. Organizational psychology is the field of study and application where differential personal psychology meets social psychology in the workplace (Zickar, 2012).

The field of differential personal psychology contributes to the research and study of organizational psychology by contributing to our knowledge of ...

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