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    Statistics - Regression Model

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    Observations are taken on sales of a certain mountain bike in 30 sporting goods stores. The regression model was Y = total sales (thousands of dollars), X1 = display floor space (square meters), X2 = competitors' advertising expenditures (thousands of dollars), X3 = advertised price(dollars per unit).

    (a) Write the fitted regression equation.
    (b) Interpret each coefficient.
    (c) Would the intercept seem to have meaning in this regression?
    (d) Make a prediction for Sales when FloorSpace = 80, CompetingAds = 100, and Price = 1,200.

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    (a) The fitted regression equation is Y = 11.52 X1 - 6.935 X2 - 0.1496 X3 + 1225, that is
    Total Sales in thousands of dollars = 11.52 * Display floor space in square m - 6.935 * Competitors' advertising expenditures in thousands of dollars - 0.1496 * Advertised price in ...

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