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    Simple linear regression

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    I. The Director of the Work/Study Program wanted to develop a model to predict a student's grade point average, GPA, in relation to the number of hours worked. Choose a random sample of 20 students who work and are full-time students from our population in order to study the relationship between number of hours worked and gpa.

    A. Plot a scatter diagram and assuming a linear relationship, use the least squared method to find the regression coefficients, b0 and b1.
    B. Interpret the meaning of the regression coefficients IN THIS PROBLEM.
    C.Determine the standard error of measurement.
    D. Use the regression model developed in (A) to predict the gpa for a student who works 28 hours weekly.
    E. Determine the coefficient of determination and interpret its meaning IN THIS PROBLEM.
    F. Perform a residual analysis on your results and determine the adequacy of the model.
    G. Would the model be appropriate for a student who worked 45 hours weekly?

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    Develops a regression model with a student's grade point average, GPA as the dependent variable and the number of hours worked as the independent variable.