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    Regression Analysis of 288 Data Points

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    First run a regression analysis using the BENEFITS column of 288 data points in the AIU data set as the independent variable and the INTRINSIC job satisfaction column of 288 data points in the AIU data set as the dependent variable. Create a graph with the trendline displayed. What is the least squares regression line equation? What are the slope and the y-intercept? What is the R-squared value?

    Here is the problem I have been given, it is 1 of 3. I am not sure on where to start to get this problem resolved. I think with a little guidance I can learn what I need to and will be able to complete the other problems that are similar.

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    Generally based on the Excel output, intercept is 0.
    Equation is y=0.974x
    R squared = -.9606
    Therefore Slope is ...

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    Excel spreadsheet attached shows how to perform regression analysis, including slope, y-intercept and r-squared.