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Regression analysis and hypothesis testing

1) The store manager is under impression that his sales people do more business if they score higher on the social skills test which was administered this year. 5 victims were selected at random. Below, the results are X =test score, Y = weekly sales in $1000.
X (score) Y (sales)
4 4
5 6
3 5
6 7
10 7

a) Find the correlation coefficient for the relationship between test results and sales
b) What percent of the total change in "Y" is based solely on changes in "X"?
c) Do we have a correlation between "X" and "Y". Use ?Ñ = .05
( level of significance)
d) Find the regression equation for test scores vs. weekly sales

2) The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service¡¦s report on the bass population in the North American lakes indicated average weight of the fish to be 3.0 lb. and the standard deviation of .30 lb. Furthermore, 50% of all bass were females. The State of Florida conducted an independent study and reported the average weight of their bass was 3.2 lb. Additionally, the report indicated that 58% of the bass population was females.
(This report was based on a small sample of 121 fish) Do not use the student t test.

Test the hypothesis that Florida¡¦s bass weighs more than the average bass in the U.S.A.
Use alpha=.1 to state your conclusion.

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