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Performing regression analysis using real data

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There is thought to be a relationship between a persons' educational attainment and the number of children he or she has. The hypothesis is that as one's educational level increases, he or she has fewer children. Investigate this conjecture with 25 cases. Draw from the 2006 GSS file. The following displays educational attainment, in years, and the number of children for each respondent.
Education Children Education Children
16 0 12 2
12 1 12 3
12 3 11 1
6 6 12 2
14 2 11 2
14 2 12 0
16 2 12 2
12 2 12 3
17 2 12 4
12 3 12 1
14 4 14 0
13 0 12 3
12 1
a. Calculate the Pearson correlation coefficient for the two variables. Does its value support the hypothesized relationship?
b. Calculate the least square regression equation using education a predictor variable. What is the value of the slope? b? What is the value of the intercept? a?
c. What is the predicted number of children for a person with a college degree (16 years of education)?
d. Does any respondent actually have this number of children? If so, what is her or his level of education? If not, is this a problem or an indication that the regression equation you calculate is incorrect? Why? or why not?

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The solution gives detailed steps on performing a regression analysis using excel. All analysis is based on excel output such as determining slope, intercept, and correlation coefficient

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