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Conducting a regression analysis to determine relationship between two variables.

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State the test and then:

Plants emit gases that trigger the ripening of fruit, attract pollinators, and cue other physiological responses. The hydrocarbons emitted by the potato plant were measured and compared to the plant weight. Weight (x) was measured in grams and hydrocarbon emissions (y) were measured in hundreds of nanograms for 11 plants. Let alpha = 0.05 and use the traditional method to test for a relationship between plant weight and hydrocarbon emissions. Write the hypotheses in sentence form, not with symbols.

X 57 85 57 65 52 67 62 80 77 53 68

Y 8.0 22.0 10.5 22.5 12.0 11.5 7.5 13.0 16.5 21.0 12.0

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Solution Summary

The following outlines the regression analysis method of determining whether or not two variables have an established relationship. Linear, quadratic, and cubic specifications are examined.

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