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Adding Two Sixth Order Polynomial Regression Equations

Please see the attached file.

I have 2 data sets that determine a y-value based on known x-values (the x-values are given as temp degrees C) ---- each of those actual line graphs have been fitted with an approximate "best fit" line determined by Excel with 2 separate 6th order line equations.

Our homework asks us to add the 2 polynomial equations together and then determine the calculated y-values for each of the known x-values shown (temperature) and then plot that line on the attached graph.

Show me how to add the 2 polynomials and then provide me the math that will calculate the resultant polynomila given the known x-values.


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Please note the following with regard to this work:

(1) As per your instructions, I have just added the two polynomial equations and graphed the resulting equation. I have also provided the Table of values (Temp, Heat ...

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Elaborate discussion regarding how to go about obtaining the sum of two sixth order polynomial line equations is included.