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    Describing data as it keeps track of time

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    Describe the data you are going to collect and how you are going to keep track of the time. Within the paper, incorporate the concepts we are learning in the module including (but not limited to) probability theory, independent and dependent variables, and theoretical and experimental probability. Discuss your predictions of what you anticipate the data to look like and events that can skew the data. Collect data for at least 10 days. Do you think the data will provide a valid representation of these activities? Explain why or why not.
    (The data I decided to collect is driving to work everyday, it takes me 15 minutes to drive to work every day and I track that information with the clock on the dashboard of my car),

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    The solution describes the data collected and how it keeps track of time. The concepts of probability theory, independent and dependent variables and theoretical and experimental probability is expanded upon.