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    Assorted Accounting Math MCQs

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    1. Information on Westcott Company's direct labor costs for a recent month follows: Standard direct labor rate $3.75 Actual direct labor rate $3.50 Total standard direct labor-hours 10,000 Direct labor efficiency variance $4,200 Unfavorable What were the actual hours worked during the month, rounded to the nearest hour?
    a. 10,714
    b. 11,120
    c. 11,200
    d. 11,914

    2. Elliott Company makes and sells a single product. Last period the company's labor rate variance was $14,400 U. During the period, the company worked 36,000 actual direct labor-hours at an actual cost of $338,400. The standard labor rate for the product in dollars per hour is:
    a. $9.40
    b. $8.50
    c. $9.00
    d. $8.10

    3. Bulkboy Fitness Equipment, Inc. was recently created to produce and sell its "Biception" arm machine. Bulkboy decided to use a standard cost system to record costs related to the production of this product. The material standard for each machine produced is 1.1 pounds of a special aluminum tubing at a standard cost of $12 per pound. During the first month of operations, Bulkboy purchased 25,000 pounds of this aluminum tubing at $11 per pound. Bulkboy used 22,000 pounds to produce 20,250 Biception machines. What is the balance in Bulkboy's materials inventory account at the end of the first month of operations?
    a. $11,000
    b. $32,700
    c. $33,000
    d. $36,000

    4. Rotan Corporation keeps careful track of the time required to fill orders. The times recorded for a particular order appear below: Hours Move time 3.2 Wait time 10.9 Queue time 5.1 Process time 1.2 Inspection time 0.2 The delivery cycle time was:
    a. 20.6 hours
    b. 19.2 hours
    c. 8.3 hours
    d. 3.2 hours

    5. Kingcade Corporation keeps careful track of the time required to fill orders. Data concerning a particular order appear below: Hours Wait time 18.3 Process time 1.1 Inspection time 0.1 Move time 2.0 Queue time 9.1 The throughput time was:
    a. 27.4 hours
    b. 3.2 hours
    c. 12.3 hours
    d. 30.6 hours

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