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Mean, SD, Scatter Plot, Histogram, Correlation and Regression

I need hep in manipulating data from a class survey. I need help in preparing an excel worksheet using the ages and guessed income columns (see attached table).
1. For each variable, get the summary statistics using the tools, data analysis
2. For each variable, get the mean and the standard deviation using the paste function.
3. For each variable, draw a histogram. Put appropriate labels on the histogram.
4. Using age as the x variable and guess income as the y variable, draw a scatterplot. Put appropriate labels on the scatterplot.
5. Find the linear regression line. Draw it on the scatterplot and label it with the proper equation.
6. Find the correlation coefficient, r. Also find r2


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This solution is comprised of a detailed explanation of 6 questions given in the attachment. This solution mainly discussed 6 questions and all the analysis was performed using excel and its add ins "Data Analysis Tool Pack". Full interpretation and output is provided with labeling. The solution provides the interpretation of results in wherever needed.