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    Research Design - Effects of self esteem on helping behavior

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    What type of research design is used?
    a) True lab experiment
    b) Quasi-experiment
    c) Field experiment
    d) Correlation

    A social psychologist is interested in the effects of self esteem on helping behavior. She manipulates self-esteem by telling participants they have done poorly (low self esteem) or very well (high self esteem) on a test of mental ability and then measures their willingness to help a woman who has supposedly fallen off a ladder in her room.

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    Answer: field experiment


    A field experiment is an experiment performed in a non-laboratory setting. An experiment entails:
    • Selecting or randomly assigning subjects to experimental units (I am ...

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    Based on the scenario, this solution identifies and explains the type of research design used to test the effects of self esteem on helping behavior.