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    Transportation problem:

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    A manufacturing firm produces diesel engines in four cities- Phoenix, Seattle, St. Louis, and Detroit. The company is able to produce the following numbers of engines per month.

    Plant Production

    1. Phoenix 5
    2. Seattle 25
    3. St. Louis 20
    4. Detroit 25

    Three trucking firms purchase the following numbers of engines for their plants in three cities.

    Firm Demand

    A. Greensboro 10
    B. Charlotte 20
    C. Louisville 15

    The transportation costs per engine ($100's) from sources to destinations are shown in the following table. However, the Charlotte firm will not accept engines made in Seattle, and the Louisville firm will not accept engines from Detroit; therefore, these routes are prohibited.

    From A B C
    1 $7 $8 $5
    2 6 10 6
    3 10 4 5
    4 3 9 11

    Formulate this problem as a linear programming model and solve using the computer.

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