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Measuring Central Tendency in the Real World

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Provide a brief description of a real-world example in which one measure of central tendency provides useful information while another measure of central tendency provides meaningless (or even misleading) information.

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This posting looks at three measures of central tendency: mean, median and mode, explains each term, and gives real life examples of how they are used. It also explains how the data can be misleading in some situations.

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There are three most common forms of measure of central tendency and they are:
mean, median and mode.

The mean is an average rating. It takes the average of a group of numbers to summarize it into one figure.

The median is the number right in the middle of a set of numbers.

The mode is the most common number in the set.

The first example I will give can be a useful measure.

Lets say that you want to examine the weight of new born babies. The mode is useless, since knowing the most common value gives very little valuable insight. A good measure would be to use the median. This is the number that is ...

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