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    Hypothesis Testing and regression analysis questions

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    Please help with the given statistics assignment:

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    Section 10
    1At α = 0.05 and 0.10, test the hypothesis that the proportion of Consumer (CON) industry companies winter quarter profit growth is more than 2% greater than the proportion of Banking (BKG) companies winter quarter profit growth, given that p CON=.20, p BKG=.14, nCON = 350, nBKG=400.

    2. The mid-distance running coach, Zdravko Popovich, for the Olympic team of an eastern European country claims that his six-month training program significantly reduces the average time to complete a 1500-meter run. Five mid-distance runners were randomly selected before they were trained with coach Popovich's six-month training program and their completion time of 1500-meter run was recorded (in minutes). After six months of training under coach Popovich, the same five runners' 1500 meter run time was recorded again the results are given below.
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    At an alpha level of .01, can we conclude that there has been a significant decrease in the mean time per mile? Show calculations too.

    3. Test H0: μ1 ≤ μ2; H1: μ1 > μ2 at α = 0.05, when 1 = 75, 2 = 72, s1 = 3.3, s2 = 2.1, n1= 6, n2= 6. Assume equal variances. Indicate which test you are performing; show the hypotheses, the test statistic and the critical values and mention whether one-tailed ...

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