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Week 3 Stats Quiz

Week 3 Stats Quiz
1. The table below shows the results of a survey in which 146 families were asked if they own a computer and if they will be taking summer vacation this year...
2. Outside a home, there is an 8-key keypad with letters A, B, C, D, E, F, G and H that can be used to open the garage if the correct eight-letter code is entered. Each key may be used only once. How many codes are possible?
3. About 9% of the population is hopelessly romantic. If two people are randomly selected, What is the probability both are hopelessly romantic? What is the probability at least one is hopelessly romantic?
4. Perform the indicated calculation...
5. A password consists of three letters followed by a three digit number.
a) How many passwords are possible if there are no restrictions.
b) How many passwords are possible if none of the letters or digits can be repeated.
c) what is the probability of guessing the password in one trial if there are no restrictions.
6. The table below shows the number of male and female students enrolled in nursing at a university for a certain semester. A student is selected at random. Complete the parts (a) through (d).
7. Evaluate the given expression and express the result using the usual format for writing numbers (instead of scientific notation)
(See attached file for 7 Statistics problems).


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