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Pam Beesly, the CEO's Administrative Assistant, has worked for Mr. Rump for a little over one year. She was originally hired by the Chief Operations Officer, Mr. Halpert, as his personal secretary but when the opening for the new assistant to the CEO became available (his last one, Marla, had to leave suddenly due to personal problems), she applied for it?and got it! After working for Mr. Rump, she has noted that, on average, Mr. Rump gets ten phone calls per quarter hour. Depending upon the outcome of your findings from the questions below, Mr. Rump may have to hire an additional assistant. He has his eyes on Ms. Bailey Quarters, Ms. Jennifer Marlowe, and Mr. Les Nessman from the communications division.

/ 14 points

QUESTIONS 48-51: From the above information, calculate the following:

48. [3] Determine the expected number of calls in one hour (round to two significant figures).

a.) 10.00
b.) 25.00
c.) 40.00
d.) 60.00
e.) None of the above.

49. [3] Determine the standard deviation for the number of calls in 15 minutes (round to two significant figures).

a.) 3.16
b.) 4.44
c.) 6.32
d.) 10.00
e.) None of the above.

50. [4] Compute the probability that less than three people will call during 15 minutes (round to four significant figures).

a.) 0.0023
b.) 0.0028
c.) 0.0076
d.) 0.0189
e.) None of the above.

51. [4] Compute the probability that exactly 30 people will call during one hour (round to four significant figures).

a.) 0.0000
b.) 0.0185
c.) 0.7500
d.) 0.9015
e.) None of the above.

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