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Probability Distribution

Give a probability distribution for the following:
In 1992, the Big 10 collegiate sports conference moved to have women compose at least 40% of its athletes within 5 years. Suppose they exactly achieve the 40% figure, and that 5 athletes are picked at random from Big 10 universities. The number of women is recorded.

For the probability distribution, you need to figure out the probabilities of 0 through (and including) 5 women. These are your x's. Put this in the form of a table. On the left hand side, put 0 through 5. On the right hand side, give the formula for each, and calculate. From the information about exactly 40%, we know that the probability of success (of being a female athlete picked) is .4. The rest is 1 - p. Figure out the n (given in the problem).

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