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Poisson Distribution

Let X have a Poisson distribution with a mean of 4. Find
a) P(2<X<5)
b) P(X>3)
c) P(X<3)

Let X have a Poisson distribution with a variance of 4. Find P(X=2)

Customers arrive at a travel agency at a mean rate of 11 per hour. Assuming that the number of arrivals per hour has a Poisson distribution, give the probability that more than 10 customers arrive in a given hour.

If X has a Poisson distribution such that 3P(X=1) = P(X=2), find P(X=4).

Flaws in a certain type of drapery material appears on the average of one in 150 square feet. If we assume a Poisson distribution, find the probability of at most one flaw appearing in 225 square feet.


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