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    The life of a roller bearing

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    Assume that the life of a roller bearing follows a Weibull Distribution with parameters: Beta = 2 and delta = 10000 hours.

    a) determine the probability that a bearing lasts at leasts 8000 hrs.
    b) Determine the mean time until failure of a bearing.
    c) If 10 bearings are in use and failures occur independently what is the probability that all 10 bearings last at least 8000 hours?

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    β = 2, δ = 10000; P(t, δ, β) = 1 - e^[-(t/δ)^β]

    (a) P(8000, 10000, 2) = 1 - e^[-(8000/10000)^2] = ...

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    This solution goes through the concept of the life of a roller bearing within the context of probability.