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    confidence interval and Z

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    A local university administers a comprehensive examination to the candidates for B.S. degrees in Business Administration. Five examinations are selected at random and scored. The scores are shown below.


    I am interested in the overall performance for all candidates of a B.S. degree. The population is therefore the theoretical distribution of their scores. Call the population mean μ. Compute a point estimate for μ - this is your best guess on the average performance for all candidates. Mean or μ is 80

    What is a 95% confidence interval (interval estimate) for μ.
    a. P[90.32 < μ<69.68] = .95
    b. P[90.32 < μ<69.68] = .05
    c. P[85.32 < μ<75.32] = .95
    d. P[85.32 < μ<75.32] = .05

    2. For confidence intervals (two tailed), the critical value of Z at 99.2% confidence (or the .008 significance) is
    a. 2.65
    b. 2.44
    c. 2.41
    d. 1.645

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    For given data in the first problem confidence interval is estimated for mean value in second problem Z is estimated for given confidence interval.