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    The classic question of probability Part 1

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    The Monty Hall Problem. In the classic television game show, "Let's Make A Deal," contestants were asked to choose one of three doors. Behind one of these doors was a valuable prize; the other two concealed "booby prizes" which contestants wanted to avoid. After a contestant chose one of the doors, Monty Hall (who knew where the real prize was) would often open another door to reveal a booby prize. He would then give the contestant the opportunity to abandon their original choice in favor of the remaining door. Some contestants chose to do so, and others did not. Which strategy, stay or switch, is best in the long run? Why?

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    Although at first glance it doesn't make sense, I would switch. I didn't have the benefit of having seen this question the last time and I went through hell trying to figure out how the instructor could justify that decision, but it does make sense. By switching, you sort of double ...

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