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Assessing probabilities and converting to a similar scale

Stacy is considering inviting Ned to lunch for Valentines Day and would strongly prefer NOT to run into her ex-boyfriend Jim while having lunch with Ned. Knowing Jim's dining preferences quite well, she assesses the following probabilities for Jim eating at the various restaurants as (1) Sam's Pizza, 0.1 (2) Sy's Sandwiches, 0.2, (3) Bubba's Italian Barbecue, 0.15, (4) Blue China Café, 0.25, (5) The Eating Place, 0.25, and (6) The Excel-Soaring Restaurant, 0.05.

How do I convert these probabilities to a similar scale as the other three values in this problem by putting them on a scale from 0 to 100 for an "avoid Jim score," and then determine where Stacy will invite Ned to lunch if Valentines Day is (a) her first day back from vacation, (b) her 2nd day back from vacation, (c) her 3rd day back from vacation, if her weights of importance are 0.5 for avoiding Jim, 0.2 for Distance, 0.2 for Price, and 0.1 for variety.

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I am going to convert the probabilities into the scores from 0 to 100 for avoiding Jim. Let us take Sam's Pizza, the probability that Jim will be there is 0.10, so I can avoid him with a probability of 0.90. When I convert this into score what i am looking at is how good this restaurant is for me to avoid Sam. There are two type of scales we use - relative scales and absolute scales. I am not sure what type of scales you are using for ...

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This solution assesses given probabilities and coverts them to a similar scale.