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A Description of Normal Probability

The Director of Emergency Medicine at Big Mountain Medical Services is studying patient waiting time. Waiting time is defined as the time from when a patient enters the facility until seen by a physician. The study indicates the waiting time follows a normal distribution with a mean of 22 minutes and a standard deviation of 8 minutes.

a. What fraction of the patients is seen in between 15 and 22 minutes?
b. What fraction is seen in less than 15 minutes?
c. What fraction is seen in more than 15 minutes but less than 32 minutes?
d. What fraction is seen in more than 25 minutes but less than 32 minutes?
e. Five percent of the patients are seen in how many minutes or less? That is, how quickly are 5 percent of the patients seen?

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This solution provides a step by step methodology for the calculation of the normal probability finding the Z score. Formula for the calculations and an interpretation of the results are also included in an attached Word document. An Excel template for calculating the probability is also included.