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Scale of measurements

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? Imagine that you are a researcher who has collected data from 5,000 participants on a variable of interest that is likely to be normally distributed.
? Describe the variable. Is the scale of measurement nominal, ordinal, interval, or ratio? Why?
? What does it mean to say that this variable is "normally distributed"?
? In a normal distribution, such as in this example, you can define a probability value for every score. Define probability value in your own words. How is a probability value of .05 in this example related to the normal curve?

Summary of the problem: Give a brief description of the variable and whether the scale of measurement is nominal, ordinal, interval, or ratio, and why. Explain what it means to say that this variable is "normally distributed." Then, define probability value in your own words and explain how a probability value of .05 in this example is related to the normal curve.

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Details of scale of measurements: nominal, ordinal, interval and ratio are explained in detail.