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Probability that a technician is required

An installation technician for a specialized communication system is dispatched to a city only when three or more orders have been placed. Suppose orders follow a Poisson distribution with a mean of 0.25 per week for a city with a population of 100,000 and suppose your city contains a population of 800,000.

a) What is the probability that a technician is required after a one-week period?

b) If you are the first one in the city to place an order, what is the probability that you have to wait more than two weeks from the time you place your order until a technician is dispatched?

For problem choose what type of problem it is and solve using binomial, geometric, or Poisson distribution. Restate problem in solution or copy it as I give you, please show equations used and numbers below each equations, and list which each variable ='s to its corresponding number (ie lambda = 6, then in equation set up lambda = nd and list numbers below that belong to the variables) then give solution answer. Please skip no steps. Thank you.

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Word document attached shows how to find the probability that a technician is needed in a city that calls one in only once three or four requests have been placed. The distribution is decided and variables and equations handled step by step.