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Compensation and Benefits Plan Analysis

Analyzing a Job Assignment

Research websites that summarize compensation and benefit plans consistent with the job analysis chosen for the research. Examples of websites include but are not restricted to the following:

· Career InfoNet
· Society For Human Resource Management
· Vault, Career Intelligence

Write a proposal on a compensation and benefits plan that meets the needs of the employee and the organization. Complete the following in your proposal:

1) Justify your chosen approach.
2) Identify any obstacles or resistant you foresee if the compensation and benefits plan were to be implemented.

To the Hiring Manager;

Upon reviewing the strategic plan and current operation strategies for HyVee Inc I have discovered the following gap in operational processes. Your company is an employee owned grocery chain that prides yourselves in your ability to provide a wide range of other services to your customers to improve their grocery shopping experience. There is a missing link in provide your customers with this overall experience.

Your photography lab is currently missing a technician that can fulfill all of your customer's photo and video needs. HyVee advertises a wide range of services provided by this lab, however, all of the customer service representatives that run this department are not trained to do anything besides develop normal film. This is a service provided on top of the already tremendous amount of duties required of them on a daily basis.

In order to fill this position, the company needs to hire a full-time photograph technician with experience in providing a wide range of services to the customer. The job description for this photo lab technician position should provide the department with a new technician that not only knows how to use all of the photo lab machinery, but can also run the store register to complete customer sales. The responsibilities for this position would include receiving, developing and printing customer's photographs, ordering supplies, performing maintenance on the photo lab machinery, customer service and recommending and ordering of specialty photo gift items. In order to fill this position, the technician must have previous experience using the type of equipment operated by your company as well as a great attention to detail, organization and time management skills. The position would need an employee to work Monday through Friday, open the department at nine in the morning and close it at five in the evening. This technician would be required to develop all film within this time period so that normal customer service representatives could dispense the pictures around the clock because the store is open twenty four hours a day.

While searching for a new employee, this position would require that the technician is a responsible and dependable worker. A professional trained on the machines owned by your company would save HyVee from having to pay for any needed training and photograph editing skills are not necessarily required but would be a much needed additional skill. The technician would be expected to open the department, develop all film, perform maintenance and deal with customers on a daily basis, before closing the department.

Hiring this technician would be a great addition to the great staff already employed by your organization. As of now, the customer service representatives are over worked trying to complete their own responsibilities as well as covering the photo and video department untrained. This position would also save your company money, due to less repair bills (being caused by employees trying to develop film untrained), and more profit from customers who see that your lab is now staffed with a trained professional.

The strategic goal of the company is to provide the best customer service while being cost efficient and decreasing expenses. Hiring someone for this position can help the company close the organizational gap that is currently present and save the company money in the long run. Customers will be satisfied, stress levels of current employees will be decreased and the company will earn more profits from filling this position.

Sincerely yours,

Erin Barrow
Operational Gap Auditor

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Identify any obstacles or resistant you foresee if the compensation and benefits plan were to be implemented.
Given that compensation and benefits are usually allocated on a skill-based level as well as the nature of the job, one of the main obstacles that would arise from this compensation and benefits plan would be in determining the optimum package to give to each employee. Already, employees are performing tasks which they are not trained for, which essentially are wearing them out as they are unable to handle the demands for such jobs. At the end of the day, since they still do such tasks, they would ...

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