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    Find the Percentile

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    22. The following frequency distribution presents a set of exam scores for a class of N=20 students.

    x f cf c%
    90-99 4 20 100
    80-89 7 16 80
    70-79 4 9 45
    60-69 3 5 25
    50-59 2 2 10

    a. find the 30th percentile.
    b. find the 88th percentile.
    c. What is the percentile rank for x=77?
    d. What is the percentile rank for x=90?

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    a. Percentile is given by the formula,

    P = L +
    Here L- Lower class boundary of the selected class interval
    n- Number of observations in the data
    cf- Cumulative frequency below the selected class ...

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