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    operational definitions of a variable

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    Which of the following operational definitions of a variable would suffer from effective range problem _____________

    (a) a standard IQ test administered to high school seniors in a study of the relationship of intellibence to dating patterns

    (b) a very difficult mathamatics reasoning test given to a group of college mathematics majors in a study to determine the effects of high anxiety on test performance

    (c) a standard bathroom scale to measure the weight of chickens in a study to determine how chicken size affects pecking order

    (d) a wristwatch with a second hand to measure the time it takes students to solve 10 anagram problems in a study of effects of noise on problem-solving speed

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    First, we need to best understand what 'effective range' is. Effective range of measurement is the range which can give an accurate indication of the level of a variable and it is important to select measures that effective range will pick up ...

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