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Crime Data Analysis

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What crimes were most commonly committed on Minnesota campuses between 2009 and 2011? Based on the data, would you say the crime rates decreased or increased from 2009 to 2011?

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The solution provides step by step method for the calculation of descriptive statistics.

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Multiple Regression Analysis

My research is based on this topic below. The data is attached in the spreadsheet. This is a multiple regression analysis. I have attached a PDF file that explains the case and the spreadsheet version with all the data recorded from the PDF file. Pleas make sure you include all the graphs, plots and please use megastat software.

We want to determine the primary factors that affect property crime rates in the United States. The statistical analysis of the data involves multiple-regression analysis.

Questions to answer are:

1. What are the primary determinants of property crimes in the United States?
2. What would you like to know about property crime rates that cannot be answered by this data set?
3. How does population density affect property crime rates? Is this expected?
You will want to prepare a summary of your findings to present to a management team from a national crime department. You will find and explain the regression model using a non techical discussion to explain the important factors affect on the property crime rate.

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