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Using EXCEL to Create Plots of Normal Distributions

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I am using Analytical Chemistry 7th edition By Skoog, West, Holler, and Crouch. please let me know if any additional info. is needed. There is a sample of the graph in the book Chapter 6 and 7.

Using Excel, construct a spreadsheet to make two plots of a Gaussian distribution: 1. relative frequency vs deviation from the mean; and 2. relative frequency vs z. Assume ( i think this is population mean) u= 5.0 and (i think this is standard deviation) alpha=0.5.

plot distribution where mean= 0.5
-be sure to have enough values so it is a smooth curve
Make two different plots with same data
Find equaiton and plug in numbers

Gaussian curve = normal error curve

dont know if you need this equation or not

z = ( x - u)/ alpha

you can pick any numbers you want for this problem

alpha means that the standard deviation is -.5 and .5 from the mean, which is 5. All I need help with is coming up with data to plot these two graphs on excel. The top of the curve needs to be at 5 when plotted on the x axis i think. .....please help!

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