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    Blood Protoplasm - Normal Distribution

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    Medical: Blood Protoplasm - Porphyrin is a pigment in blood protoplasm and other body fluids that is significant in body energy and storage. Let x be a random variable that represents the number of milligrams of porphyrin per deciliter of blood. In healthy adults x is approximately normally distributed with the mean μ= 38 and standard deviation σ = 12. What is the probability that:

    (a) x is less than 60
    (b) x is greater than 16
    (c) x is between 16 and 60
    (d) x is more than 60 (this may indicate infection, anemia, or another type of illness).

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    M = 38, s = 12; z = (x - M)/s

    (a) z = (60 - 38)/12 = 1.833

    P(x < 60) = Area under the Standard Normal Curve to the ...

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    The required probabilities have been worked out by calculating the z- scores. Neat work.