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    Parametric and nonparametric methods

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    I would like an explanation and example of two statistical methods:

    1. Parametric method:

    - Hypothesis ( null and alternative)

    - Simple example and explanation in layman's terms

    - Confidence level 90%

    - Need the critical value explains how attained

    - Need Z-score and explained if appropriate ( think this comes from the table, i.e., 90% should be 1.28???

    - Compare each data point to the claimed value and sum these. Then compare the critical value and test statistic

    - Do we accept or reject Ho or H1 at the stated level of confidence and why? Made in a statement.

    2. Nonparametric method:

    - Run test

    - Simple example and explanation using zero (0) and (1) Ten runs...
    (11111 000 11 0000 11111 00 111 00000 1111 000)

    - Be sure to include whether it exceeds critical value and why

    - Test for randomness (explain)

    If you could provide me with some references for further understand that would be good.

    In summation I want to be able to discuss the goals of two statistical methods.

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