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Nonparametric Test-Sign Test.

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The median annual income for college graduates with a bachelor's degree is $37700. Data for a sample of college graduates with a bachelor's degree working in the Chicago area are shown. Use the sample of data to show Ho: median ? 37.7 and Ha: median > 37.7 for the population of college graduates with a bachelor's degree working in the Chicago area. Use a 0.05 level of significance. What is your conclusion?

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The solution illustrates the nonparametric test procedure-sign test. Response includes a Word and Excel document.

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Nonparametric Hypothesis Test on Real Estate Data

Research Question: What is the average cost of a home with four bedrooms?

Conduct the equivalent, nonparametric test of hypothesis using the five-step process.
Prepare a paper describing the results of the nonparametric hypothesis test. Include the following in your paper:

- Formulate a hypothesis statement regarding your research issue.
- Perform the five-step hypothesis test on the data.
- Explain which nonparametric test you used to analyze your data and why you chose that test.
- Interpret the results of your test, and explain the differences, if any, that you observe from your Week Three paper.

Include your raw data tables and the results of your computations in your paper, using graphical and tabular methods of displaying data and results.

[Please refer to the attachment for data]

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