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    Kruskal-Wallis Test: Difference in Distributions

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    Three teaching methods were tested on a group of 19 students with homogeneous Backgrounds in statistics and comparable aptitudes. Each student was randomly assigned to a method and at the end of a 6-week program was given a standardized exam. Because of classroom space and group size, the students were not equally allocated to each method. The results are shown in the table below.

    METHOD 1 94 87 90 74 86 97
    METHOD 2 82 85 79 84 61 72 80
    METHOD 3 89 68 72 76 69 65

    Test for a difference in distributions (medians) of the test scores for the different teaching methods using the Kruskal-Wallis test.

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    To perform non-parametric test - Kruskal Wallis Test Using SPSS.
    Step 1: Open SPSS package
    Step 2: Enter the data in the DATA VIEW and its corresponding variables in VARIABLE VIEW.
    Step 3: Click value and assign values to teaching methods.
    Step 4: Now to perform the analysis, select ANALYSE in ...

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