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hypothesis testing

Bowman Electronics sells electronic components for car stereos. They claim that the average life of a component exceeds 4,000 hours. To test this claim, they have selected a random sample of n = 12 of their components and have traced the life between installation and failure. The following data were obtained:

1,973 4,838 3,805 4,494 4,738 5,249
4,459 4,098 4,722 5,894 3,322 4,800

a. State the appropriate null and alternative hypothesis.
b. Assuming that the test is to be conducted using a 0.05 level of significance, what conclusion should be reached based on these sample data? Be sure to examine the required normality assumption.


Given the following null and alternative hypotheses

Ho: p = 0.20
Ha: p ± 0.70
Test the null hypothesis based on a random sample of 100, where
P = 0.64

Assume an alpha = 0.07 level. Use the p-value approach to test the hypothesis. Be sure to shoe clearly the decision rule.


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