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    School Committee members of a midsized New England city

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    The School Committee members of a midsized New England city agreed that a strict
    discipline code has caused an increase in the number of student suspensions. The
    number of suspensions for September 1992 - February 1993 for a sample of the schools is provided below. {Data}
    The average number of suspensions for the previous year mean{X bar} = 130.5 and the Standard deviation {STDEV}
    was 158.2
    (a) Set up the null and alternative hypothesis to test if the averave number of suspensions
    has changed.
    (b) Test your hypothesis with alpha = 0.05.
    (c) Find the p value.
    (d) Display the data in an Excel Chart to see if it is reasonable to assume that the underlaying population
    distribution is normal.
    (e) Based on the p value, what can you conclude about the average number of suspensions?
    See Attachment for the above exercise.

    Part II

    Look at Exe_1Wk1.xls again and suppose that we did not include the two outliers in the database. Remove the MCDI and Putnam schools and repeat the calculations for just 9 of the schools. Please provide one paragraph to discuss the impact of this calculation on the conclusion shown in the Exercise.

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