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Testing of Hypothesis

The county commissioners received a number of complaints from county residents that the Roxborough Fire Department takes longer to respond to firs than the Manayunk Fire Department. To check the validity of these claims, a random sample of 60 fires handled by the Roxborough Fire Department was selected. It was found that the mean response time was 6.9 minutes and the standard deviation of the sample was 3.8 minutes. A sample of the 70 fires handled by the Manayunk Fire Department found the mean response time was 4.9 minutes with a sample standard deviation of 3.0 minutes. At the 0.05 significance level does the data suggest that it takes longer for the Roxborough Fire Department to respond?

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Ho The Roxborough Fire Department and the Manayunk Fire Department takes same time to respond
H1: it takes longer for the Roxborough ...

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To test if both the fire departments take same time.