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Testing of Hypothesis

I have 2 samples that I must compare using the 5% level of risk.
Population One - Sample Size 45, mean income $31,290, SD $1,060
Population Two - Sample Size 60, mean income $31,330, SD $1,900

I would assume that I would run a Chi-Square for independent means but I need the population variance do I not before I can do anything with this question?

I am suppose to test the hypothesis that the annual income of corporate trainers in areas of more than 500,000 (Population Two) are significantly more than those in areas of less than 100,00 (Population One).

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You cannot use the chi-square test for independent means. You have to use the t-test for testing the equality of means for large samples. The solution is attached.


A study was conducted on the annual incomes of corporate trainers in the state of New York in metropolitan areas having a population less than 100,000 and in metropolitan areas having a population over 500,000. Some sample statistics are:

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The solution describes a testing of hypothesis problem using the five step procedure.