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Test of Means: Offense and Defense

Team A did OK, once some adjustments were made to their offense and defense. However, Coach Mi is not convinced that his team is evenly matched to other teams in size. So he contacts Coach Lee of Team B to get the scoop on his team, and this is what he comes up with...

Team A Team B
Sample size n1 = 32 n2 = 19
Sample mean x1 = 82 pounds x2 = 99 pounds
Sample standard deviation s1 = 13.5 s2 = 10.1

a. Set up the hypotheses to test whether there is a difference in the means between the two teams.
b. What would be the best analysis to determine whether there is a difference (chi square, ANOVA, F-distribution, t-test, pooled variance, etc.)?
c. Decide a significance level and explain your decision.
d. Find the critical value(s) and explain how you find it (them).
e. Set up the decision rule.
f. Calculate the test statistic.
g. What are your conclusions?


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To test difference in means using t-test.