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    Concept, Types, and rationale for Bail Bonds

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    Once the arrested person has been booked and is waiting to see the judge for his initial appearance, his defense attorney asked for the bond amount to be lowered because his client is considered indigent. The prosecution would not agree to this, so a bond hearing was set for the following Thursday. This will give the prosecution and defense enough time to gather evidence and make their case.

    - What are 2-3 examples of bond? Explain.
    - What should the prosecution present to support its argument? Why? Explain in detail.
    - What should the defense present to support its argument? Why? Explain in detail.

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    What are 2-3 examples of bond? Explain.

    The most common bond is the a surety bond wherein the bonded individual enters a contract with a bails bond company with the contract mandating that the incarcerated person pay a percentage; typically 10% of the amount of the bond issued by the judge. After bonding out of jail the offender then is required to attend the court hearings or they will be held responsible for the entirety of the bond after the bails Bond Company is held accountable by the court for ensuring that the accused appears in court.

    The next common ...

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