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    Statistics - Hypothesis

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    For the following questions answer the following
    (1)State your hypothesis
    (2)Sketch your distribution displaying critical values
    (3)Show the calculation of your test statistic
    (4)State your decision regarding your hypothesis

    Question 1: In a Gallup poll, 1,402 randomly selected adults were surveyed and 396 of them smoked in the past week. Use (alpha) = .10 to test the claim that not more than 30% of adults have smoked within the past week.

    Question2: In a recent year, some professional baseball players complained that umpires were calling more strikes than the average rate of 64% called in the previous year. During a given period, one umpire called 2,725 strikes out of 4,217 pitches thrown. Use (alpha)=.02 to test the claim that this umpires strike rate is greater than 64%.

    sqrt pq

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