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Students t test for US unemployment statistics

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Each month the U. S. Bureau of Labor Statistics publishes a variety of unemployment statistics, including the number of individual s who are unemployed and the mean length of time the individuals have been unemployed. For November 1998, the bureau of Labor Statistics reported that the national mean length of time unemployment was 14.6 weeks.

The mayor of Philadelphia requested a study on the status of unemployment in the Philadelphia area. The sample of 50 unemployed residents of Philadelphia included data on age and the number of weeks with a job. The data collected in November 1998 are attached.

1. Use the descriptive statistics to summarize the data
2. Develop a 95% confidence interval estimate of the mean age of unemployed individuals in Philadelphia.
3. Conduct a hypothesis test to determine with the mean duration of unemployment in Philadelphia is greater than the national mean duration of 14.6 weeks. Use a .01 level of significance. What is your conclusion?
4. Can a relationship between the age of an unemployed individual and the number of weeks of unemployment be identified? Explain.

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Solution Summary

Students t test for US unemployment statistics. The solution also include Null Hypothesis, Alternative Hypothesis, Significance Level, Critical Value and P value.

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