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SPSS Software: Difference in the Mean

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Please see attachment. Please show the ANOVA table from SPSS software only. All calculations through SPSS. Please attach SPSS file to solution, if possible

1. A researcher wishes to try three different techniques to lower blood pressure of individuals diagnosed with high blood pressure. The subjects are randomly assigned to three groups; the first group takes medication, the second group exercises, and the third group follows a special diet. After four weeks, the reduction in each person's blood pressure is recorded. At α = 0.05, test the claim that there is no difference among the means. The data are shown. in attachment.

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This solution provides a null and alternative hypothesis and conducts an ANOVA analysis to find the f-statistic to compare to the p-value to either accept or reject the null hypothesis. The calculations are done through SPSS.

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SPSS software: Finding the difference in the mean

Please show the ANOVA table from the SPSS software only and please provide all of the calculations through SPSS. Please attach the SPSS file to solution, if possible.

** Please see the attached file for the problem details **

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